Steve Shrum
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Nashville Is Sold On Steve Shrum

 How many Realtors can say this: I wanted to be a Realtor since I was 13

I Was Born to Sell Homes

I want to Personally Thank You for visiting me at

I make Buying and Selling Homes a Stress Free and Easy Experience.

I Sell 99% of my homes Quickly and for Top Dollar for the past 24 years.

When I place one of my custom signs in your front yard “Start Packing” (Look for my commercials on Fox News and ESPN)

When Potential Clients interview me for the first time, majority will say this to me: The two reasons why we want you to represent us is:

  1. You made us feel that our home was the “Greatest Home on the Planet”
  2. Made us believe that we was the most important clients that you have.

After the Closing my clients comments are this: Steve not only you did what you said you would do but you went way beyond our expectations, we are your clients for life.

Whether you are a 1st Time Buyer or a 4th Time Seller, I treat everyone with Respect, Honor, Integrity, with Old Fashion Values, this was the way I was raised.

I came from Humbly beginnings, what most people calls “Hard Work” it was the norm for me and my 3 sisters.
By the age of 8, I was painting a home a week after school and weekends. By the age of 13, I had one of the largest Landscaping/Grass Cutting Business in the city. My Senior Year in High School, I was working from 11:00pm-7:00am and then going to school and was a Straight “A” Student. After graduation I went to College and then gave 10 very rewarding and successful years to the Air Force and Air National Guard (Please see my Resume)

In 1990 I followed my childhood dream and became a Realtor. Since Hardwork was the only thing I knew, I achieved great levels of success my 1st year in of Realtors to the Highest Honor “Realtor of the Year”.

My Greatest Honor as a Realtor is when I get that call from a past client referring me to a family member, friend, co-worker, neighbor, church friend, acquaintance and even their boss, “It Does Not Get Any Better Then That.”

This Humbled Realtor has a Deep Passion to take that extra foot, work just one more minute, take one more step and make that last call and to Burn the Midnight Oil to “Please My Clients.”

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